Accessibility Resources

Education Accommodations

博天堂官方's Accessibility Resources provides accommodations to students with documented disabilities.

Ways Accessibility Resources can help you include: 

  • Placement test accommodations
  • Notetaking
  • Alternative text formats (e-text or audio)
  • Assistive technologies that assist with reading and writing (screen readers and speech to text programs)
  • Testing accommodations for courses enrolled in
  • Academic Success Coaching
  • Help build self-advocacy skills
Accessible Formats

Most people are able to learn from the things they see and hear in their environment, but some disabilities interfere with one or both of these information gathering methods.

If you have sensory impairments or learning disabilities, you may need to use accessible formats such as:

  • E-text or audio files for reading textbooks and classroom materials
  • Handouts on colored paper
  • Screen enlargement software
  • Text to Speech software
  • Speech to Text software

For assistance, contact

Curriculum Accommodations

Accommodations are directly linked to functional limitations caused by the disability. Accommodations that affect the way you learn in the classroom or demonstrate knowledge may include:

  • Extended time to complete large assignments/projects
  • Written and oral directions from the instructor
  • Notetaker
  • Digitally recording lectures
  • Textbooks in audio or e-text format

Knowing what accommodations work for you improves your ability to do good work in the classroom, completing homework or in your place of employment.

Testing Accommodations

Some students need accommodations to complete tests, and accessible formats may be prepared for use in the classroom. Frequently, testing outside of the classroom is scheduled.

In addition to classroom test accommodations, coordination between Accessibility Resources and the Testing Services office allows for scheduling of appropriate accommodations for college placement and other other proctored tests. 

If you are a student who needs testing accommodations, check with Accessibility Resources prior to the day of your test. Common test accommodations include:

  • Extended time
  • Scribe/Reader
  • Use of screen reader or speech to text software
  • Use of word processor for essay tests
  • Use of calculator or multiplication table
  • Use of spell checker
  • Memory Aids
  • Reduced-distraction area